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Rocky's Matcha Premium Tea Kit

Rocky's Matcha Premium Tea Kit

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Rocky's Matcha is excited to offer a premium matcha tea kit that includes all of the matcha utensils needed to make the perfect cup of matcha at home or on the road.

Each Rocky's Matcha premium tea kit includes a Suikaen (縁) En Chasen (matcha whisk), a Suikaen 操 Misao (whisk stand), a Tsubame Chakoshi (sifter), a Rocky's Matcha measuring spoon, and a tin of Rocky's Matcha Single Cultivar Gokou Matcha (20g).

We are honored to offer chasen's (matcha whisks) from Suikaen, led by Yasaburo Tanimura (谷村弥三郎), a 25th generation chasen maker. Suikaen whisks are made from locally grown bamboo in the village of Takayama (高山) in the Nara prefecture in Japan.  

The Suikaen Misao (whisk stand) is meticulously crafted using a blown glass method to perfectly hold a chasen.

Our Chakoshi (tea siftter) from Tsubame is artisan made and works for both matcha or loose leaf teas. The Chakoshi is made of stainless steel and rust resistant. 

+ Suikaen (縁) En Chasen (matcha whisk)
Please note, the Chasen is glued to the paper box with glue made from kneaded rice. Please handle with care when removing the Chasen from the box. Please hold the handle and peel it off slowly. Then use a wet cloth to wipe the bottom of the handle. Before you start using, please bloom the whisk by gently soaking it in hot water to prevent the prongs from snapping off.

+ Suikaen 操 Misao (whisk stand)

+ Tsubame Chakoshi (tea sifter)

+ Rocky's Matcha measuring spoon

+ Rocky's Matcha Single Cultivar Gokou Matcha (20g tin)


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